videobase dlr "Caldo Arredo" by Varme Kilden

Warmth and Color with natural low temperature radiation.

Our products may seem like design heaters but in reality they are designed and patented to favor the natural transmission of heat by radiation rather than by convection: they must heat the internal walls more than the air.

In a single product Varme Kilden combines the high efficiency of low temperature irradiation, aesthetic minimalism and economic savings.

The choice of the dimensions of the hot-furniture according to the environment to be heated is entrusted to a calculation customized, which we offer as a free service through VK Soft, the dedicated program also available online.

Other aspects, historically highly appreciated by our customers, are the aesthetics, the versatility in positioning, the simplicity of the plumbing connections, the internal comfort, the cleaning and the recovery of precious space.

The last, but certainly not the least, advantage of our Caldo-Furnitures is the ability to produce savings energetic and economical: natural low-temperature heating by radiation is concentrated more on the walls than on the air which for obvious reasons of health and well-being must be changed frequently releasing heat to the outside.

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Ideal for the welfare of the family, safe in places with children and the elderly, keep the environment healthy and comfortable allowing a reduction of the energy costs up to 25%.

Loved by installers for simplicity in the management of the building site, for the ease of installation and because of they are ideal for replacing old radiators without costly masonry.

Appreciated by the combination of minimalist design and energy efficiency . Although the sizing is done with a dedicated software dimensional flexibility and customizations allow many new and creative versions
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